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R.I.P Brian Griffin

As you all may know by now, one of the stars of Family Guy has been killed off the show. Death by car, as most pets die in real life. No he isn’t going to be written back into the show, because Stewie destroyed his time machine. When he tried building again, the one most important part could not be obtained ever again. All because the guy the tracks that part down, drew a picture of a terrorist.(By Accident)

My Opinion On This

Why? Why, Family Guy creators? “You know that Stewie & Brian were the highlight of each week’s episode! I always looked forward to seeing them go on their adventures, like when they tele-ported to Las Vegas for vacation. But they didn’t stay on the machine long enough, so it made clones of them.”

“There was also that episode when Meg was kidnapped, and Brian & Stewie traveled to Paris to save her from slavery.”

Stewie & Brian

It’s adventures like that, that keep the show alive and funny. So I ask, why is it you ruin the show by taking away the star of the show. I think you should have left it the same, but other fans are saying, “Should have been Chris!”

Chris, what does he even do anyways, all I see him do is, offend Meg when everyone else does. There isn’t any good reason to why Chris is a legit character. Honestly, I think he’s there to fill in a space in the show, he doesn’t do much in the storyline of each episode.

If Family Guy see’s this, I want you to somehow try and bring Brian back into the story.

Space Raiders: Update 12

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New Update, Probably Last!

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Version 1.0.9 is out and is a lot more understandable to navigate through.


- Controls Menu

- End of battle tell who won

- Start Screen

- Music ends at end of battle

P2 Wins

P2 Wins!


Controls Menu

P1 Wins

Game Is Up!

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You can download it now on mediafire! Click the link below to go to the download page!

The Title Screen!

The Title Screen!

New Game

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I am currently making a game with GameMaker Studio, it is a 4 player space raider game. The original idea was for it to be 2 player (Player  vs. Player), but I thought I would spice things up a bit by adding 2 more players (Player/Player vs. Player/Player). Once I finish battle mode, i’ll try to make a co-op Campaign mode (Player/Player vs. Com.)

Features Right Now

- 4 Play Battle Mode (unfinished)

- 2 Teams

- Place Defense (Shield) or Offense (Space Ship)

- Laser Gun Sound Effect (When Shooting)

- Explosion Sound Effect (When Killed)

New Gameplay

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New gameplay of Bloons Tower Defence 5 is being processed and will be uploaded soon, so check it out!

No Taste

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DJ AM Tribute

Music Video Coming Soon!

Dead Island: Riptide Review

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Xbox 360 Game


The 4 characters from the original Dead Island game make a return to Dead Island Riptide. In addition to the original protagonists, a fifth character named John Morgan, a hand-to-hand combat specialist will also be playable. These survivors now find themselves on the island of Palanai, part of the beautiful Banoi archipelago, with many new locations to explore.

John Morgan


- A fifth playable character, “John Morgan”

- New Locations

- Load Save-file from previous game

- New vehicles

- New Weapons

- Another great storyline

- More Zombies


The last game was great, but this took the next step up, way better then the first one. I recommend this game to you if you enjoyed the first one.

The Score I Give

The Score I Give



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